Thin Blue Line Money 101

Not only do we make learning the “6 Key Money Principles” simple, we have made short videos about the different principles of saving and protecting your money. Enjoy these Bite Sized Portions!

What if:

“You did not have put your money at so much Risk to get a good return?”

“You could eliminate management fees on your retirement account?”

Did you know these 3 principles of saving money will help you win the money game?

Min 0:00 $5 a day will grow to $500,000

Min 5:00 Compound Interest – Albert Einstein calls it the “8th Wonder of the World”

Min 11:35 Non Taxable Growth of Money – “The Most powerful principle I teach”

The 3 Principles of Protecting the Money you already have:

The #1 Instrument to protect your 401(k), IRA, 457 (Deferred Comp) from ever losing money due to stock market performance.

The #1 College Saving Plan -“Million Dollar Baby”
The #1 Principle the Wealthy use to pay less in tax

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